[currentuser_firstname] you’re a Minimalist

You’re a modern minimalist that will more often than not follow the rule ‘Less is more’ – a mantra that will apply to all aspects of your life, whether it be your wardrobe or your living room. 

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A light and airy space is what you strive towards, with minimal and often monochrome details.. You tend to focus on the space itself, a open structure allows you to flow through your home without any obstructions. 

You live for subdued palettes with a keen eye on the finishes of materials. 

To achieve this style we recommend that you focus on the essentials, choosing décor that are either useful or very aesthetic, such as a large mirror, a plant or a single piece of artwork. In keeping with the less is more theme, this simple object can become to main focal point within the room. Combine this with very clever storage solutions to remove the clutter and weigh down any negative pieces while still keeping them in reaching distance. 


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