[currentuser_firstname] you’re all about the French Country life! 

You’re a rustic romantic, that would be completely at home in a rural French Country house, surrounded by white, elegant furniture and smooth floral scents.

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Typical of French country interiors are pale plaster walls and ceilings that are punctuated with rough wooden beams. Introducing splashed of colour within the décor fabrics that are set off against a light-toned natural seating. A warm and casual feel that allows your home to hug you with both arms. 

You’re all about friends and family and creating an inviting home, with antique accessories scattered across a crisp white backdrop. 

To achieve this style you should focus on bringing more natural materials inside, finishing interiors with rough stained or plaster walls, exposed wooden beams and delicate wood finishes. Populating the space with large fabric sofas, cotton rugs and large throws with bring back the comfort element, pairing this with an open fire with small trinkets will help emphasise with the cosiness. 

We’ve curated a tailored made country rustic dashboard to help you on your way! 


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