About Us

Here at Manilva we focus on bringing your home Together.

A central hub.

The idea began from a common frustration with the lengthy searching process that many of us deal with when looking for furniture. We made it our mission to minimise the time spent trawling online by making sure what you see is all in a single hub thats personalised to your style.

But why?


We are becoming a fast-growing central hub for all interior inspiration alike. Developing a community built up from design driven individuals that celebrate the great process of curating a home.

We believe that every home should be a personal reflection of the indivuduals that reside there, but with so many options for so many individuals, filtering between colours, materials and overall styles can be a long process. Why not have your own dashboard that reflects who you are?

Allow us to take the burden away from you. 

Thousands of products, one single hub, tailored to you.


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